Sunday, March 9, 2008

Links on God's Reconciliation of All

The following links are a resource to search further information on the topic of God’s ultimate reconciliation of all mankind. These links offer further information on the topic. 

However, this is my formal and personal disclaimer that I have not read every single word on every single article at these various websites.  I have chosen to share some of the sites that, for the better part, have the most in common with my beliefs and have a solid Scriptural foundation to what they say.  

I do not agree with all the viewpoints expressed by all the authors at these links.  In fact, there absolutely are points on which I wholeheartedly disagree! 

These links are listed here to help others in their spiritual journey as they seek to understand and know God more.  I highly encourage all people to search the Scriptures and study them for themselves and to seek God on a personal level, not merely relying on what others say about Him.

May God use all for His glory!

In His superexceeding grace,
Mary Ann

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