Thursday, March 6, 2008

GOD, The Savior of All Mankind

I cannot remain silent any longer…
I cannot remain silent about all that God has been and continues to reveal to me because it might mean that my character and my Christian faith will be questioned or attacked by those who may disagree with what I proclaim. This life is not about me anyway, it is all about HIM, YHWH.

For too long I have lived as M.A. – Mary Ann who is Much Afraid of what man shall be doing to her. A few months ago God lovingly and firmly spoke to me and said that I was no longer to live as Much Afraid. He said that instead I was to live freely and securely in Him, abundantly and victoriously, as M.A. – Mary Ann, the Master’s Apprentice. He assured me that now I was to live life standing firm with Him as the verse in Hebrews 13:6 says:
The Lord is my Helper, and I shall not be afraid of what man shall be doing to me.
He is THE Master, and I am HIS apprentice. Whatever I learn, whatever I know, all comes from Him; all is from Him and through Him. Seeing that out of Him and through Him and for Him is all.” (Romans 11:36)
Jesus says to me that “A disciple is not above his teacher, neither a slave above his lord. Sufficient is it for the disciple that he may be becoming as his teacher, and the slave as his lord. If they surname the householder Beezeboul, how much rather those of his household. Do not, then, be afraid of them, for nothing is covered, which shall not be revealed, and hidden, which shall not be known. What I am saying to you in the darkness, say in the light. And what you are hearing in the ear, herald on the housetops. (Matthew 10:24-27)

I am speaking out, not to please man, but to please GOD, Who is always testing my heart. (1 Thessalonians 2:4) Five years ago, when God fervently drew and called me to know Him more intimately and to make Him known, I imagined it would lead to people being grateful or appreciative for whatever God would have me speak about Him. Through difficult lessons over the years, I have come to a totally different (and more accurate) realization.

God has not been revealing Himself to me and calling me to tell Who He is so I would receive accolades from man! That would be for my glory not HIS! I have life, breath, and purpose for HIS glory!

Am I seeking to please men? If I still pleased men, I were not a slave of Christ. For I am making known to you, brethren, as to the evangel which is being brought by me, that it is not in accord with man. For neither did I accept it from a man, nor was I taught it, but it came through a revelation of Jesus Christ. (Galatians 1:10-12)
So here I stand with Him—heralding, proclaiming “from the housetop”, on this humble blog.

Faithful is the saying and worthy of all welcome
(for this are we toiling and being reproached),
that we rely on the living God,
Who is the Saviour of all mankind,
especially of believers.
These things be charging and teaching
(1Timothy 4:9-10)

I rely on, lean on, trust in, depend on, hope in, and seek “the living God, Who is the Saviour of ALL mankind”. I no longer see Him as or know and believe Him to be the Savior of only SOME small portion of mankind, but I have come to see Him and to know Him as the Savior of ALL mankind.
I did not arrive at this place in my faith overnight. During my life I had been taught differently and therefore had read the Scriptures focused with a different perspective. Arriving at this place where I can even have the courage to speak out about what GOD has been revealing has taken three years. To some, three years may not seem like a long time; but it has been a long three years and a slow journey; step by step, bit by bit. God took His time with me because He knew I was so fearful of letting go of what I had been taught for so long. He led me gently, yet also very persistently. When He began to lead me on this journey in March of 2005, it happened that almost at every moment in my passionate search for Him He would keep bringing this topic up for me to look at; He kept saying to me, “Look and see the real Me, Mary Ann!” I often went back and forth from walking forward timidly and fearfully to “take a look” to also trying to run away from it completely. But HE would not let it go, would not let me go, because I had asked for more of Him and asked Him to reveal to me the truths about Himself; not what man says of Him, but what HE says of Himself.
So I dug into the Scriptures and searched the depths of God and discovered things that I had not known or understood before. Things which had never made sense in the Scriptures, seemingly in contradiction with each other, and which I had not ever been able to reconcile, became clearer. No person convinced me of the truth that God is the Savior of all men. GOD Himself has done that through His Spirit of Truth. If you were to ask anyone who knows me well, they can tell you I am not the kind of person that takes the opinions or wisdom of man and just accepts what is said as indisputable truth. I have to dig and discover the truth for myself no matter what. Over my life that characteristic of my personality has had positive and negative effects. This time I can REJOICE that God created me that way; for I did not receive this truth from man but from God, as I sought HIM not man. Did He use people along the journey to prod my search? Yes. But they were merely His “prodding tools” in the process. If God also chooses to use me as a “tool” in someone else’s journey to discover more of the real Him, then it is my privilege to be that tool.
I am well aware of the consequences to be faced for my proclamations. Sadly, there may be some who called themselves my friends who might decide to forsake our relationship after reading this. I have already endured quite adverse (and non-adverse) reactions to what I now know, believe, and proclaim. But GOD is a much greater power and influence in my life than man. HE is The One I seek and long to please. HE is The One who put me on this path, and I will not turn my back on Him and the work He has been doing with me. I cannot turn my back on Him for the sake of pleasing man.
In 1 Timothy 2:1-6 the apostle Paul wrote to Timothy:
I am entreating, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, pleadings, thanksgiving be made for all mankind, for kings and all those being in a superior station that we may be leading a mild and quiet life in all devoutness and gravity, for this is ideal and welcome in the sight of our Saviour, God, Who wills that all mankind be saved and come into the realization of the truth. For there is one God, and one Mediator of God and mankind, a Man, Christ Jesus, Who is giving Himself a correspondent Ransom for all (the testimony in its own eras), for which I was appointed a herald and an apostle (I am telling the truth, I am not lying), a teacher of the nations in the knowledge and truth.
Paul declared in his letter to Timothy that God is the Savior of all mankind and that He wills it that all mankind be saved and come into the realization of the truth. (1 Timothy 2:1-6 and 4:9-10)
Some may think that I’m “way off” in what I proclaim. Maybe questions come to mind like, “What about all the Scriptures which speak of an eternal torment?” I understand those immediate thoughts completely; I had them myself three years ago. Ah, but there are keys to what seems at first so puzzling, if we will only spend the time with God to discover them. For example, there is one word in the Hebrew language (olam) and two words in the Greek language (aion, aionios) that have not been consistently and more literally translated in our Bible translations. “Aion” is the Greek word for the Hebrew word “olam”; both of those words are nouns describing a particular duration of time, as in an age of time, with a beginning and an end. “Aionios” is an adjective describing something having to do with the aions (the periods of time having beginnings and ends). The Scriptures do reveal the real truth about the meaning of these words. Therefore, I will have a more thorough explanation on those words in an upcoming post.
I am a firm believer that the Scriptures in their original language are the perfect, inspired words of God written down by man. I am also a firm believer that God does not contradict Himself. If we only look at the surface layer of the Scriptures and go with what we have been taught by the wisdom of man, then God surely contradicts Himself with His own words. What do the Scriptures say about God and His will?
El, and there is no other! Elohim! And no other like Me! Telling from the beginning, the hereafter, and from aforetime what has not yet been done, saying, ‘All My counsel shall be confirmed, and all My desire shall I do” (Isaiah 46:9-10)
Indeed, our Elohim is in the heavens, and all that He desires, He does” (Psalm 115:3)
…with God all is possible” (Matthew 19:26)
…for all is possible with God” (Mark 10:27)
Jesus said to God, His Father, “Abba, Father, everything is possible for you” (Mark 14:36)
He is “…the One Who is operating all in accord with the counsel of His will” (Ephesians 1:11)
He is “Saviour, God, Who wills that all mankind be saved and come into the realization of the truth” (1Timothy 2:4)
…one day is with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not tardy as to the promise, as some are deeming tardiness, but is patient because of you, not intending any to perish, but all to make room for repentance” (2 Peter 3:8-9)
If God does all that He desires,
nothing for Him is impossible since with Him all is possible,
He wills it that all mankind will be saved and come into the realization of the truth,
it is not His intent that any perish…
How then can it also be impossible for Him to ultimately bring everyone to salvation? How can the greater part of His creation remain doomed to NEVER-ending tortures by His decision?
If He is operating all in accordance with how HE wills it, how can it also be impossible for Him to fulfill His will for all mankind to be saved and brought to repentance and to realization of the truth?
Can we really believe and teach that evil and the rebellious will of mankind (the evil and mankind that the ALL-Mighty, ALL-Knowing, ALL-Powerful GOD created) in the end, ultimately and for all eternity, will overcome the perfect will of GOD?

Jesus stated to His disciples “If I should be exalted out of the earth, shall be drawing all to Myself” (John 12:32). Jesus was exalted out of the earth; I trust that He will also keep the second part of His declaration and will be drawing all to Himself. The word “drawing” there literally means to drag with force and power. It is the same word that was used in only six other verses in the New Testament; three of which are:
No one can come to Me if ever the Father Who sends Me should not be drawing [dragging] him” (John 6:44)
Simon Peter, then, went up and draws [drags] the net to the land, distended with a hundred and fifty-three large fishes. And being so many, the net is not rent” (John 21:11)
Now her masters, perceiving that the expectation of their income was come out, getting hold of Paul and Silas, draw [drag] them into the market to the magistrates” (Acts 16:19)
In 1 Corinthians 15:24-28 Paul writes that a consummation will come “whenever He (Christ) may be giving up the kingdom to His God and Father, whenever He should be nullifying all sovereignty and all authority and power. For He must be reigning until He should be placing all His enemies under His feet. The last enemy is being abolished: death. For He subjects all under His feet…now, whenever all may be subjected to Him, then the Son Himself also shall be subjected to Him Who subjects all to Him, that God may be all in all.”
Can we just ignore, or water down with our frail human wisdom, the Scriptures above stating that Christ will eventually…
nullify every sovereignty, authority, and power,
have everything subjected to Him,
ABOLISH death,
then hand everything completed back over to God
so that in the end
God will be all in all
How can death be abolished, yet at the same time there remain billions of souls experiencing an unending judgment of conscious death and torture in the Lake of Fire?
I absolutely believe there will come a day when many will face a very serious judgment before God. Consequences and repentance will have to take place for those refusing Christ’s sacrifice, love, and covering at this time. Death of this earthly body is not the end, and it is not a more powerful force than the perfect will and plan of God. God has given example time after time in the Scriptures that His judgments are always used for correction and for the higher purpose of bringing forth righteousness and holiness in His people.
The apostle Paul speaks of Satan being used as a tool of teaching and correction. Paul tells the Corinthians, regarding someone who is living in immorality among them, “…give up such a one to Satan for the extermination of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus” (1 Corinthians 5:5). He also writes to Timothy that he has “given up to Satan” two people, Hymeneus and Alexander, so that they will be “taught not to blaspheme” (1 Timothy 1:20).
In the gospels, John says to those who came to him for baptism, “Every tree, then, which is not producing ideal fruit is hewn down and cast into the fire. For I, indeed, am baptizing you in water for repentance, yet He Who is coming after me is stronger than I, Whose sandals I am not competent to bear. He will be baptizing you in holy spirit and fire, Whose winnowing shovel is in His hand, and He will be scouring His threshing floor, and will be gathering His grain into His barn, yet the chaff will He be burning up with unextinguished fire. (Matthew 3:10-12)
Now at the people hoping, and all reasoning in their hearts concerning John, lest at some time he may be the Christ, John answers, saying to all, ‘I, indeed, in water am baptizing you. Yet coming is One stronger than I, the thong of Whose sandals I am not competent to loose. He will be baptizing you in holy spirit and fire, Whose winnowing shovel is in His hand, and He will be scouring His threshing floor and be gathering the grain into His barn, yet the chaff shall He burn up with unextinguished fire.’ (Luke 3:15-17)

What is the chaff? The chaff is the outer husk of the grain. It is not something separate from the grain. It is the outer, external covering of the grain that is useless and must be removed before the grain can be used for nourishment. The threshing is done without destroying the precious grain within that husk. Christ will use fire to remove the things in man that are spiritually worthless but He does not throw man out altogether.
This post is my “coming out of fearful hiding” in the complete faith I have in God and an introduction to this topic. I understand it may raise a lot of questions in the minds of a lot of people. In the upcoming weeks and months, I will be posting further truths regarding God’s salvation of all mankind intermingled with whatever else I am led to post. I do not know everything, and I do not have every answer to every question; none of us humans do. That is why God is God, and we are not. What I do know is what God has chosen to reveal to me up until this moment. What He has made known and allowed me to uncover of His depths is what I will write about.
For HIS glory alone…
If we are having an expectation in Christ in this life only,
more forlorn than all men are we”
(1 Corinthians 15:19)

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  1. Mary Ann

    That was good reading. I've finally gotten over my fear of believing in UR, however now my friends and relatives seem to be afraid to bring it up to me. Is it because they don't really know what they believe? Or is it them trying now to cause a stir or hurt my feelings? Anyway, I finally feel comfortable in willing to discuss my faith with people who think I'm in a cult. Why should I be afraid, UR exalts the power, love, and grace of God. Now that I'm ready to talk about UR to my skeptic friends and family, they don't seem to want to talk, why is that? I guess I'll find out in time.


  2. Maximus, I'm glad you enjoyed the post on God being the Savior of ALL mankind.

    Yes, others do tend to have a great "fear" of people who believe in UR. I think it is a fear based various factors. Some being: Fear that you are being led astray by a lie, fear that you will drag them into the same lie, fear that their entire "foundation" on what they've been taught about heaven and hell will crumble out from under them and then they will have to take a long hard look at all the things they believe and search for hard answers as to why they believe what they believe...

    That's great you are finally finding a comfort level sharing your faith and the mightiness of God. It took me a while to get there too.

    Have you had a chance to read the book At The End of the Ages by Bob Evely? It is a great little book and one that you could pass on to someone else wanting to know a little more about UR and how it IS a scripturally sound truth.

    Also, I'm not sure if you live anywhere near Colorado, but we will be having a UR believers gathering the last weekend of June 2010. Here's the info:

    Spontaneous Combustion Gathering, June 26-27th, 2010

    The Monument, Colorado ecclesia will be hosting an ultimate reconciliation believer’s gathering the weekend of June 26th-27th, 2010. We are offering an open invitation to other UR believers to come fellowship with us in beautiful Colorado. We have invited Dan Sheridan, Martin Zender, and Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr. to be an important part of this “Spontaneous Combustion” gathering. As the title infers, this will be an informal gathering with informal teaching, learning, discussion, fellowship, and laughter. As of right now, we plan on gathering together in our living rooms, unless more people attend than we can accommodate in that way. If you plan on joining us, it is very important that you RSVP as soon as possible (and preferably no later than May 15th) so we can be sure to have room for everyone. Those planning on coming should make their own lodging and meal arrangements. Lodging is available in the Monument, CO and northern Colorado Springs, CO area in the Air Force Academy vicinity. Please contact Mary Ann at or (719) 660-4177 for more info.

  3. Hello Mary,

    I really enjoy reading the material on your blog and I can tell that God has revealed much to you. I wish you well in the rest of your journey with Him, in this life and the next.

    God Bless,


    1. Thank you, Neil. I appreciate your gracious comment. I wish you the same along your journey. Blessings to you!


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