Friday, March 24, 2017

Letting Go of Judgment

Reflections from an ever learning sojourner...

Having a non-judgmental attitude is a perpetual work in progress.  Regardless of how far I think I have come in not falsely judging others based on what I see with my eyes, hear with my ears, or feel emotionally, I realize I have yet SO far to go! 

We make judgments in a split second while forgetting there is a story of a lifetime unknown to us.  We cannot possibly grasp the full extent of what has led someone to that moment on which we are placing our quick judgment.

I find myself regularly judging without even realizing I'm doing it!  When awareness kicks in, I understand that I'm making assumptions and judgments based on my personal perceptions, beliefs, ideas, and previous life experiences. In these moments, instead of being angry or disappointed with myself, I want to regularly act on something I've learned through my yoga practice: Acknowledge all thoughts of judgment and immediately let them go, without continuing to give them any more attention or energy. 

The more power we give to something, the more power it maintains over us.  Acknowledge, and let it go.

© MaryAnn Broussard

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Be Brave, Be You

Reflections from an ever learning sojourner...

Being authentic requires an immense amount of courage!  In this life, we must continually be brave, bold, and courageous in order to be real and true with who we are.  This is not because being who we are is so freaking outrageous, but because being real goes against the status quo, the mainstream, and the socially acceptable. 

Society screams: 

“Be like this to be accepted!”
“Be like this to fit in!”
“Be like this to land the right opportunity or job!” 
“Be like this to seem normal!”
“Be like this to be liked or loved!”

Are we too easily settling for living a pretend version of ourselves in order to fit in or be accepted or deemed as “normal”?  Or are we hiding in a personal prison of constantly feeling like an outcast thinking that who we were created to be can never be enough?

It may seem more acceptable or comfortable to hide behind different personality masks and our electronic devices, but that is not truly living the life we have been given.  That life is a rip off!  It is a life being the walking dead.

Break out of the mold.  
Be brave.  
Be you.  

I wanna see you and me be brave! 

Being authentic breathes life into us and into others.
© MaryAnn Broussard

There’s a beautiful song by Sara Bareilles called Brave.  This song has always touched my heart and inspired me.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sorrow Knows No Bounds

Reflections from an ever learning sojourner...

There are sorrows in this life of which depths extend beyond any words that could possibly be used to describe them.  The death of a child is such a sorrow. 

My heart deeply aches for the mother and the father who face the death of their beloved son or daughterThough I’m extremely empathetic, I am very well aware what I feel doesn’t even come close to what they are enduring in this immensely painful season of life.  It is an action of my love and compassion to weep and grieve beside them.

With all my being I wish that I could somehow minimize their pain and suffering.  Yet, I know this is impossible.  Such a grief can only be supernaturally eased by God and time, in ways completely unique to each person’s needs

As I hurt and cry tears alongside these parents and their family and friends, I plead with God to bring them all abounding comfort and unexpected blessings

“Pain demands to be felt.”
--Fault in Our Stars by John Green

© MaryAnn Broussard

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

We Are Vulnerable

Reflections from an ever learning sojourner...

Life is what it is.
It truly is so very fragile.
We have no guarantees except that we will face joys, sorrows, and death.

Every one of us is vulnerable; though, many of us would like to convince ourselves otherwise.  What we take for granted today could easily be gone tomorrow because practically every intricate detail occurring at any moment is completely out of our control.  We only have control over ourselves, our attitude, and our choices.  Each choice is like a drop of rain falling in a pool of water and creating a ripple effect.     

Knowing every choice I make matters, I desire to conscientiously choose to:

EMBRACE the NOW, this present moment where life is lived

SPEAK LIFE and of the value of it

LOVE without boundaries

CARRY GRATEFULNESS in my soul at all times

FORGIVE abundantly, myself and others

LISTEN more intently and to gain thorough understanding

SEEK WISDOM and let it guide my steps

BASK in LIGHT and share it with others

                                                                                                                                     © MaryAnn Broussard

Monday, March 20, 2017

We Are To Live By Our Own Strength

Reflections from an ever learning sojourner...

We have this one Life to live.
My life is meant to be lived by me.
Your life is meant to be lived by you.
No one else is responsible or in charge of what we decide to do with that.

I was given this one special life to live wholeheartedly and to embrace with gusto and passion.  I am to take responsibility for every choice I make and all the consequences that follow.

So are you.

We cannot rely on the strengths, the dreams, the desires, or the choices of other people to carry us through.  Those personal aspects are our responsibility alone.  We were never meant to go through life holding on to the coattails of successful people, or blaming others for our troubles, or allowing anyone to manipulate us when they attempt to hijack our lives.

Let us be courageous with ourselves and respectful of others as we travel this journey called Life.

© MaryAnn Broussard

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Day Without a Woman

It's really very simple...

A day without women would suck and bring disaster to humanity.

A day without men would equally suck and bring disaster to humanity.

We all matter. 

We're all valuable.

We're all needed.

The more we focus on the importance and equality of “me” while ignoring the importance and equality of “you”, the more divided we become.

The end.

Quotes - The Separation Between You and Me