I now view the Bible as man’s imperfect attempt to understand and describe God.  While the Bible might give us some revelations about God and God’s dealings with man, it does not define God.  We must remain mindful of the fact that the Bible is not God.  God is God.  The reality of God supersedes man’s beliefs and writings about God.  The full essence of the Divine Spirit of All cannot be confined within the pages of the Bible or any other sacred writing.  (See also my posts “The Bible is not God” and "Changed".)  January 2016

Unveiling the Myth of Hell 
and Eternal Torment Series
The following links are to a series I wrote a while back using the Bible to prove that hell is a man made myth.  While I will no longer debate or argue over Bible doctrine or salvation and damnation, I find this series one of the most important things I have ever written.   Consider it very meaty food for thought.

Unveiling the Myth of Hell and Eternal Torment, Part 1
Unveiling the Myth of Hell and Eternal Torment, Part 2
Unveiling the Myth of Hell and Eternal Torment, Part 3
Unveiling the Myth of Hell and Eternal Torment, Part 4
Unveiling the Myth of Hell and Eternal Torment, Part 5
Unveiling the Myth of Hell and Eternal Torment, Part 6

Also see, all other posts on this site under the label of "hell"

Ultimate Reconciliation Links

The following links may be found helpful as resources to search further information on the topic of God's ultimate reconciliation of all mankind.

I offer this formal and personal disclaimer that I have not read every single word on every single article at these various websites. I do not agree with all the viewpoints expressed by all the authors at these sites.  

These links are listed here to help others in their spiritual journey.  I highly encourage all people to seek truth for themselves and to stop relying on what other people say about God.

Two of my personal articles posted on this site:

Other authors' sites and articles:

 Bible Information

If you wish to read the Bible, my preferred translations are these, in this particular order:

The Writ, Dabhar Translation, Volumes 1 and 2 (Dabhar)
The Concordant Literal New Testament (CLNT)
The Concordant Version of the Old Testament (CVOT)
Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)
New American Standard  (NAS)

All translations are just that: translations of an ancient text to which no one has the original document.  There are only copies of copies existing today.  All translations contain bias according to the theology of those who did the translating, copying, editing, and printing.  Some of the translations contain more bias than others.

In the past, I have used Blue Letter Bible-Interlinear Scripture Analyzer and Bible Gateway as tools in my research and studies, though I did not agree with the theology promoted at their sites.

The following links are helpful Bible study tools:

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