Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Quotes - Religion is a Love Affair with Information

Mick Mooney is a kindred spirit and often takes the words right out of my mouth:

"Religion is a love affair with information, yet Christ came to offer a different kind of love affair. It's not one that revolves around information. This love revolves around life, around living and loving, and around letting go of the religious desire to be 'right' and accuse others of being 'wrong.' This love invites us to get busy living a new way of life, where judging between right and wrong is taken out of our hands, and those judgments are tossed away, to become scattered in the dust behind us. Instead of judgment, we take hold of grace, mercy, and love fully, both for ourselves and for others, with reckless abandonment."

Read more where that came from at Mick Mooney's Huffington Post article titled:
According to Jesus the Real Issue Isn't the Lack of Morals--
It's the Abundance of Hypocrisy

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