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Chapter Summaries on God's Eonian Purpose

In the year 2005 God began to take me on an incredible and deep journey into the depths of His character. That time of my life can be described as something extraordinarily similar to Neo’s decision regarding taking the blue or red pill in the movie The Matrix.
The following two links are the first two entries I posted on this blog when I first created it.
Those two entries give a great insight into what God was doing with me spiritually regarding things which I had been taught about Him, but which I had never sought to truly understand for myself and confirm that they were really HIS truth, not just man’s perceptions of His truth:
It took about two years, but one of the things that God finally convinced me of was that what I had been taught about an eternal hell and torment was not the real truth of His character. I began that discovery by trying to prove that what I had always been taught was the truth against what was otherwise being suggested to me. Amazingly by His grace, God changed my path and heart and has continued doing an incredible work in me since then. I thought that having my eyes opened to the matters of hell was some kind of zenith on a mountain top…Ha, ha! This was only the beginning of the journey of hiking upwards and discovering THE Greatest Mountain—YHWH Himself.

God is like a majestic and grand mountain. The further you walk away from Him, the smaller He seems. The closer you walk to Him, the bigger you realize He truly is. As a mountain always remains in its place and it its grandeur, so does God. As we draw nearer to Him, we will discover His fullness and greatness one step at a time.

This was only the beginning of seeking the answers to “Why do I believe what I believe about…?” Through what God had revealed about hell I gained a greater courage and perseverance into seeking God for HIS truth and HIS sight. I stopped being afraid to ask hard questions of things which I had questioned silently in my heart but had been afraid to ask of Him because I had been convinced by man that I should just accept what I was taught and believe it even if it didn’t make sense to me. I had been convinced by man that if I questioned too much then I was not having enough faith in God. For me, that was too much like the Matrix that Neo found himself in. Do not question, just accept and believe that what you are in and see is the truth even though it may not be.
In March 2007, exactly two years after God had initiated this incredible journey, a book came to be in my hands called God’s Eonian Purpose by Adlai Loudy. This is a fascinating little book. I found things discussed in that book of which I was already seeking out further understanding with God, I excitedly read things which affirmed the path I was on, and read other things which I wasn’t too sure about, and quite honestly, at times went right over my head. Picking up God’s Eonian Purpose again this past week, I am amazed how some things are so much easier to understand and grasp because I have learned much more along the journey. I do want to also add that it has not been the things which I have read in this book that have convinced me of anything, for I do not seek to merely follow the teachings of man. This book has either been an instrument of affirmation on where God was already leading or an instrument to flame the passion to search greater depths that I may see more clearly the truths of God.
Today, I was having some random thoughts and thinking about the book and how I wanted to get back to reading it again from beginning to end to see what I thought about it now, at this stage of the journey. Suddenly, I got this idea to do some chapter summaries as I read each chapter and to post them here on my blog. So that is what I am going to attempt to do in the following days (weeks, months?). Don’t know how long it will take me to do this, or if it is God’s will that I complete a summary on every single chapter. But I will begin and whatever happens will happen as God wills.
Taking one step at a time along the journey…
Click on this link for follow up post that continues with God's Eonian Purpose Introduction

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  1. I am on the same journey and this book along with the Concordant translation is mind blowing!


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