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God's Eonian Purpose - Introduction

God’s Eonian Purpose was written by Adlai Loudy. The book is published by the Concordant Publishing Concern, 15570 Knochhaven Road, Santa Clarita, California 91350. The first edition was published in 1929, with a second edition printed in 1974, and a second printing in 1991.
The introduction to the book is a basically a foreword written by the author in October 1929 when the first edition was published. Loudy states in his first sentence that he will offer no apologies for the book. He calls it:
“…an earnest heart response to the vast number of appeals from truth-lovers to correlate and progressively present a concordantly constructive series of expositions unfolding God’s Eonian Purpose as revealed in the Scriptures. The work is designed for and will appeal to the thoughtful man or woman who has met difficulties in the study of the “Bible” according to the conventional ideas of Christendom. The controverted questions of creation, sin and evil, salvation, baptism, the new birth, death and hell, immortality, eternal torment, and others, have been dealt with frankly and clearly out of the spirit of love, energized by a strong conviction coming from a fresh concordant translation of the Sacred Scriptures conforming to a pattern of sound words at all times.”

He also states that in writing this book his intent has not been to uphold “the dogmas or tenets of any society, sect or denomination, or adding new ones”, but that his purpose has been simply “unto the glory of our Lord Christ”.
Loudy informs the reader that he has used the Concordant Version of the Scriptures throughout the book and that he will give a thorough explanation of the Concordant Version in Chapter II.
Each chapter progresses from one to the next, and each one prepares the way for the following teaching that will be offered, so the book should be read in order.
He also states that:

“The work in its present form promises the unbiased, sincere truth-seeker, sufficient evidence, concordantly correlated from the Scriptures in their purity, to satisfy and present them mature in all the word and will of God. Any repetition in the different chapters is purposely given for completeness of thought and emphasis. The teaching stresses the unique glory and exaltation of Christ and His cross, as the expression of God’s infinite love and as the all-sufficient sacrifice for salvation, justification, conciliation, and reconciliation, through which God will ultimately attain the goal of His eonian purpose—to become All in All.”

The introduction or foreword closes with another small paragraph of affirmation written by the author in May 1973 prior to the printing of the second edition.
Next summary will be on Chapter I “The Sacred Scriptures”

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