Saturday, June 13, 2009

By Your Side

I posted the link to this song on my Facebook profile back on April 10th. Somehow I didn’t get it posted here on my blog also, although it had been my intent to do so because I truly love the words to this song and the power and truth of them.

When I posted the song on my Facebook back in April I said the following:

Funny, how one can hear something over and over again and not really listen to it. I've heard this song on the radio many times before, but not until last night when we were at the concert and Tenth Avenue North sang this song of theirs did I really pay attention to the words...POWERFUL words that they glad I could pause long enough last night to really LISTEN to them...JESUS is by our side...He is always there...

Now, I can’t hear this song without thinking of Aaron. On April 9th, just four days before Aaron’s death, our family had attended that Christian concert where the band that sings this song, Tenth Avenue North, performed the song, and I “really listened to it” for the first time. Braden had wanted Aaron to come along with him and a couple of other friends to that concert, but somehow we didn’t get that all worked out with the driving and Aaron didn’t get to come along with us.

Anyway, I really wanted to go ahead and post the video link to the song on this blog, as it does have a most powerful message.

God is holding us and ever with us…

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