Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Brief Quotes - The Greatest Blessings

The greatest blessings usually follow the most trying circumstances.  
That's why they are called miracles.

This has proven true in my life over and over again.  As I currently face a season of some really trying circumstances, I am reminded of this truth.  

There can be no miracle without difficulty or impossibility preceding it.  

There can be no victory without adversity which must be overcome.

I took the picture above in August of 2014.  I had just begun a hike at one of my favorite places and enjoyed this amazing moment where a butterfly danced around me and simply stopped to pose for me to get this close and take her picture. I could have easily touched her. The butterfly overcame her own adversity of transformation  in order to have danced around me that day and shown off in all her glory.  And that morning, I had made myself a willing participant to take this upwards hike up to one of my favorite places of peace and beauty.