Monday, July 16, 2018

Our Differences Really Don't Matter So Much

Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

In being with faced with heart-pounding moments hanging between life or death and the sacrifices that come with those moments, we are given the perfect opportunity to starkly realize that our human similarities are way more important than our differences.

In life or death moments, we are faced with the blunt truth that the color of our skin, the language of our words, the things we hold true or false, the God we worship or don't, and the way we regularly live day to day absolutely matter not one iota under the desire of staying alive or being swallowed up by death. Therefore, those differences should not matter even more so in light of the gift of life that we are given today.

We are given the gift of today that we may make our own and someone else's life a little better and brighter. Be kind, always.

These Thai boys have been given a life gift through the many who fought so hard to rescue them and through the ultimate sacrifice of the man who, in doing so, gave up his own life. That man's love and kindness have now been passed on to these boys, and they will, in turn, know how to offer their heart to others.

Give to others what you wish to receive yourself. Everything comes full circle.

Excerpt from The Guardian article which includes the above photo:
"Perhaps because human beings are at their best when they are truly tested. Perhaps also because the darkness and isolation of being far underground in a rocky world forces a sense of our shared existence as a species. Only the courage and love of strangers who stopped being strangers could light up that darkness."

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