Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Are We Facing an Election Apocalypse 2016?

 “…normalizing the abnormal causes the spirit,
which would normally leap to correct the situation,
to instead sink into ennui, complacency, and eventually…blindness.”
-- Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés in Women Who Run With the Wolves

I'm really not a very politically focused person.  Politics tend to sadden and upset me because I see so much corruption and abuse in that system; therefore, I try to avoid the topic as much as possible.  However, the impending election less than a month away and the responses of our general populace have me doing a whole lot of soul searching and hard thinking.  

Last Friday morning, I woke up with more election thoughts running rampant through my head.  The thoughts were of the insane phenomenon I am witnessing and the wish that others would also take notice and rise up against it.  At the same time, I was reminded we are all so very unique with different ways of viewing things and understood my perception of the current state of affairs can greatly differ from someone else's.  Yet, I have this blog and will continue to write about important topics and offer different ideas and viewpoints that may bring people to rethink before blindly following the masses in any area of life.  While I share this point of view reluctantly, I also feel an extremely urgent leading to do so.  

The American people are being cleverly manipulated, duped, and bullied by the two major political parties and by the media.  

Ouch!  That hits me like a ton of bricks.  

The American people are responding to all the pre-election insanity by behaving like Democratic or Republican political party and media zombies.  I am so very saddened by the resignation of the people to forgo taking a hard look at and considering *ALL* the presidential candidates in order to elect the best one for the country's well-being as a whole (regardless of their party affiliation).  Instead, the general populace is choosing to vote for one of the two most publicized candidates simply because it is what the masses do.  The masses do this for any number of reasons:

1) To support a political party line because that's what they or their family have always done, and they hate the other party
2) Unwillingness to take the time to do extensive research about all the candidates and all the issues at stake in order to vote most wisely and for the best candidate
3) Feeling forced or resigned to vote for one of two major party candidates they deem least evil so the other candidate does not win
4) Erroneously convinced their one vote is not meaningful enough to bring the real change that is so desperately needed
5) Deceived thinking the government is in charge of solving all our problems and should provide everything for us as handouts or entitlements
6) Considering only their personal comfort (how the policies will affect them personally) without regard to the country's well-being as a whole

7) Distraction from what really matters by the actions of the media circus and the ridiculous character attacks between the two major candidates
8) FEAR of what *may* happen (Facing Elections And Resigning to vote with the masses)
9) Being swayed by any or all of the above

Sometimes there’s strength in numbers…and sometimes, there’s a 
great weakness in numbers which ultimately leads to a destructive mob mentality.

you have done personal research on all the candidates,

* you know everything there can be known about all of them: their stand on *all* the issues, their track record in actions and behavior, and their overall character, and

you are at complete peace with all of the factors regarding your preferred candidate and truly believe in him/her to lead this country…

THEN, by all means, vote for your candidate!  

But if any of the nine points I listed earlier are possibly driving how you cast your vote, then you owe it to yourself, your children and grandchildren, and to your fellow Americans to reconsider.

Strength and greatness are brought about one bold and courageous person at a time and they cannot come about if no one is willing to take a risk for bringing them to fruition.  There is an expansive canyon between expressing the desire for something and actually taking the necessary steps to achieve it.  The most stunning and meaningful events which have made history in any country, especially our own, began with just a handful of people who refused to continue to be intimidated by corrupt and excessive power and declared "No more!".   Those people and their brave actions were the driving force that took down abusive power, made the history books, and left legacies.  Most of us read of these stories and applaud those who bravely and sacrificially stood up and fought for change, while at the same time we refuse to acknowledge our own weakness and unwillingness to do the same.  We are quick to complain about the sad state of affairs in our country and in our government and how "We're Screwed 2016" forgetting that if we are screwed, it is because we are allowing ourselves to be screwed.  The two major political candidates did not get to where they are on their own.  Everyone, along with the two major political parties, has had a responsibility in the course of events.

How can the American people stand by and be strategically bullied and manipulated into choosing one of the two major party candidates and neglect altogether the possibility of a better choice?  

Surely as a self-proclaimed free nation, we have more free thinkers who will boldly step forward and are willing to vote most wisely and intelligently?  

Or have we resigned ourselves to walk to the election booths like catatonic zombie masses in an Election Apocalypse 2016 and vote as well-behaved Democrat or Republican children should?   

Are we resigned to behaving like zombie voters and voting for a candidate we can hardly believe in?  

Corrupt and abusive people in power and government deviously exercise control over the people by:

Ø  Promising big government actions that may sound great for you personally but will ultimately bring a greater demise to the country and its people as a whole, for these people are considering their self-interest and self-promotion more than the welfare of you and the country.  

Ø  Belittling the necessary requirement that, for this nation to be led successfully and continue to be great, it is of the utmost importance we choose a person of moral, honorable, and reputable character who truly cares for the people.

Ø  Counting on getting the votes of uninformed and uninterested mass voters who are easily swayed by deception and propaganda.

Ø  Convincing you that you are in total control of choosing who is elected into office, when actually you are far from it!  The two major parties and their media are quite strategically guiding the thinking of the masses and doing a damn good job convincing them that there is no other better choice.  They are making a joke and a mockery out of our election process and of the people of the United States of America.  

What an immense and devastating loss for the people of this nation to continue to allow this travesty to carry on!  

How can true and great change ever come about if none of us are willing to step forward, declare “Enough is enough!”, and refuse to be manipulated like this any longer?!

I totally understand being part of the zombie mass voter mentality because I have been there in the past.  I confess my own guilt casting my vote based on many of the nine reasons I listed earlier.  However, the time has come when I have had more than enough of the current madness and decided to break away from following the majority. 

I am following my research, conscience, intelligence, and earnest desire for this nation to be led by someone who truly cares for it and its people.  For the first time, I will be voting outside of the two major party lines, and this will be the most educated and most free vote I will cast thus far in any presidential election.  

Our Democratic Republic system of government was not created for the elevation and domination of any political party.  The founding fathers designed an election process to give voice to the common people in order that the United States of America has a government that is BY the people and FOR the people.  That type of government is a mirage and does not truly exist if we are uneducated voters, our votes lie with allegiance to a political party, or because we are fearful of doing what is right and instead choose to follow the masses.  I am afraid that due to deception, manipulation, and lack of education what we have going on now is a government dictated BY the major parties and their media and FOR those who have the best tricks up their sleeves.

I have been reading about and watching interviews of Evan McMullin (Independent candidate).  What a reasonable, intelligent, and respectable presidential candidate he makes!  What a breath of fresh air and of true hope to find in him a candidate who does not appear to have a personal agenda of power and control but instead sincerely has this country's best interest at heart.  I see Evan McMullin as a person who is not only willing to take a huge risk for the greater good but also as a presidential candidate who is for this country and all of its people.  As of today, Evan's name is on many state ballots or can be written in.  Yes, you can write his name in!  If you would like to get to know him better before casting your final vote, please visit his site or check out some of his interviews on YouTube. 

If you are thinking there is no possible way Evan could win this election, would you please take a moment to read the article: You’ll Never Win.  Evan could become president by robbing Hillary and Trump of the mandatory electoral votes to win the presidency and sending the decision to the House of Representatives.  This type of scenario occurred in the election of 1824 when John Quincy Adams was elected president.  

To learn more about all the current presidential candidates and how your beliefs align with each one of them, check out the very helpful site http://www.isidewith.com/.

It is still not too late learn all the facts about every candidate, make your voice heard, and make a difference in the outcome of this election until after the polls have closed on Tuesday, November 9th.

God help us all.

Do not fail to do what is right in order to benefit only yourself.  Too often our decisions are tied into self-preservation relating to our own emotional or physical comfort or our reputation. Do not make a choice merely based on what's right to save yourself. Choose to do what is right. Period. It's difficult to do, but carries a much more powerful long-term value.

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