Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beside the News of Chick-Fil-A are the News of Life and Death

I didn’t get up this morning with any intentions of writing this post—not even close!  Sometimes I imagine that as I make my daily plans and write my lists, God is chuckling to Himself and saying, “Oh Mary Ann, I’ve got better and different plans that you have no idea about at this moment.  You’ll see.” 

From the moment I went to bed last night, Thursday, August 2nd, was a fully booked day with a very lengthy “To Do” list.  However, as I quickly scanned my Facebook News Feed this morning, I was suddenly overcome with many differing emotions and thoughts regarding all the different types of news I have read this week.  At the top of the United States news and Facebook posts has been all the hoopla about Chick Fil A, their statements about their beliefs in traditional marriage, and the call of Mike Huckabee and others asking people to show their support for Chick Fil A on August 1st.  This post is not about Chick Fil A.  I believe they have had plenty of news and blog coverage.  Mine is certainly not needed.