Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beside the News of Chick-Fil-A are the News of Life and Death

I didn’t get up this morning with any intentions of writing this post—not even close!  Sometimes I imagine that as I make my daily plans and write my lists, God is chuckling to Himself and saying, “Oh Mary Ann, I’ve got better and different plans that you have no idea about at this moment.  You’ll see.” 

From the moment I went to bed last night, Thursday, August 2nd, was a fully booked day with a very lengthy “To Do” list.  However, as I quickly scanned my Facebook News Feed this morning, I was suddenly overcome with many differing emotions and thoughts regarding all the different types of news I have read this week.  At the top of the United States news and Facebook posts has been all the hoopla about Chick Fil A, their statements about their beliefs in traditional marriage, and the call of Mike Huckabee and others asking people to show their support for Chick Fil A on August 1st.  This post is not about Chick Fil A.  I believe they have had plenty of news and blog coverage.  Mine is certainly not needed. 

While it’s a great thing to observe people's immense support of Chick Fil A and their right to free speech and to make a public stand for their beliefs, there were other extremely important news going on this week that also need our attention.  Unfortunately, it seems that some of this week's news came and went hardly noticed by many.  I find it is often too easy to get caught up in the latest frenzy of action in our society and forget some of the ongoing tragedies and evils we have faced for years and continue to face into the future.  Some of them are happening right next door.  Because these tragedies/evils are ongoing, it appears sometimes their importance seems to fade in our minds.  Not because we don’t care at all about the subject, but it’s almost as if we become apathetic to the situation because it carries on and on and on and doesn’t reach a resolution.  Our senses tend to become dulled to the seriousness and importance of the ongoing matter.  And we forget to care and take action to help bring about a resolution. 

With this post, I am exercising my right to free speech while also sharing other important, current news of which I am passionate about and ask for your action and support.

How many of you are aware that in DC, a woman can undergo an abortion at *ANY* time and for *ANY* reason?  That means through all nine months of pregnancy.  With today's advanced medical technology, a baby can survive outside of his/her mother's womb as early as 24 weeks!  A few have been known to survive even earlier than that.

This week the House was taking a huge vote regarding late term abortions and fetal pain. "The bill, sponsored by Congressman Trent Franks, an Arizona Republican, was approved by the House Judiciary Committee In the bill, Congress adopts findings that by 20 weeks after fertilization (if not earlier), the unborn child has the capacity to experience great pain. (This is equivalent to 22 weeks in the alternate “LMP” or “weeks of pregnancy” dating system used by ob-gyns and abortion providers.) The bill prohibits abortion after that point, except when an acute physical condition endangers the life of the mother. Johnson says seven states have already enacted very similar legislation; no court orders have blocked enforcement of any of those laws." (read the full article Democrats Prevent House Passage of Late Term Abortion Ban.)

The bill received a supportive vote of 220 to 154 with Republicans voting 203 to 6 for the bill and Democrats voting 148 to 17 against it.   Unfortunately, the 220 votes in support of the bill were not enough.  The bill needed a 2/3's majority to pass.  With their votes against the bill, the Democrats (and a handful of Republicans) in the House felt it was much more important for a woman to have the right to terminate the life of her baby for any reason and at any time, regardless of the consequences to her or the baby.  In addition to that, thanks to Obamacare, the tax payers will now be required to fund many of those terminations.  (See the informational sheet “Why You Should Be Concerned About Obamacare” as it relates to abortion.)  

I firmly believe that everyone who has a right to vote for anything should exercise that right.  However, before exercising that right, I also firmly believe everyone should become an educated voter.  What's the point of voting for something you don't really understand? That is utter foolishness! Voters should know exactly what they are voting for or against.  I am of the very strong opinion that all those in the House who voted against the bill should be sat down to observe a late term abortion take place, live and first hand, on a large TV screen.  Along with that education, they should also be required to spend days talking with the thousands upon thousands of women who have had an abortion and hear from their personal testimonies on how abortion has affected their lives.  While speaking to these women, it should also be noted how many of them had abortions under coercion by family, friends, husbands, or boyfriends.  After receiving all this valuable and informative type of education, I would ask for the representatives in the House to take that vote again.  At that point, they would truly be the REPRESENTATIVES of the people that they should be.

"The baby at 20 weeks of development weighs about 9 ounces
and is about six inches long. The baby can suck a thumb, 
yawn, stretch, and make faces." 
[This image and its text is courtesy of the website]

The tragedy of abortion is not one of merely a matter of babies and their fetal pain.  It is truly a matter of so much more! 

How many will show and express their support for unborn babies AND for the mothers carrying them in the womb?  How many are able and willing to make an effort to reach out and help those (women and babies) who need our support?  There are countless women and unborn babies out there right now needing protection, help, and support.  These women and their babies do not have a popular public platform, like Chick Fil A, on which to stand and make their need known to the world.  I have volunteered for and work at a local crisis pregnancy center.  Every week, I listen to and am deeply touched by incredible stories told to me by teenage girls and women and by seeing their active babies through ultrasound.  I make this public stand on their behalf.

Sharing information and pictures on Facebook is super easy!  Feel free to share this with others if you agree and want to show your support.  I challenge you to take it a step further and become an informed voter yourself, forget paying any attention to accusatory and slandering political ads, and be sure you take the time to research and truly understand what your political candidates believe in and support.  Remember, they are a taking a place in the government as a representative of what you believe in!  If they do not believe in the value and sanctity of life and instead believe that anyone should have the right to legally terminate the life of another for any reason, it could very well affect you or one of your loved ones in the future.  How about taking it a step further and donating items to the crisis pregnancy centers in your area or offering your time as a volunteer?  Or, simply, just talk to the young girls and women who come across your life.  You just never know what someone is going through unless you stop long enough to listen or how much your help might mean to them in the present and for their future.  Every act of sincere love, kindness, and support is significant. 

If you do not believe in helping and supporting women and their unborn babies, or if you believe that women should have the right to an abortion at any time and for any reason, it is your right to have your own opinion and to freely be able to express it.  However, please do not attack the beliefs or the free speech rights of others that differ from yours.  This post is not to be a platform for attacking anyone’s beliefs or opinions or for any judgment and condemnation.  It is to be a platform to bring spotlight to news that may not have been noticed and to make an urgent and continuous need known.  

I am not a person of any great significance or popularity in this world or even in my own neighborhood.  But it is the great hope of my heart that this appeal will renew a desire within the people who sincerely care about women and their unborn babies to take action, to reach out to help and support, and to make a *graceful* stand for what they believe.  (I cannot stress the graceful aspect enough!)

This is a short 1 1/2 minute video clip showing a 3-D image of a 20 week baby in utero.

Thanks for reading.  Blessings on your life’s journey.
Mary Ann

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