Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sorrow Knows No Bounds

Reflections from an ever learning sojourner...

There are sorrows in this life of which depths extend beyond any words that could possibly be used to describe them.  The death of a child is such a sorrow. 

My heart deeply aches for the mother and the father who face the death of their beloved son or daughterThough I’m extremely empathetic, I am very well aware what I feel doesn’t even come close to what they are enduring in this immensely painful season of life.  It is an action of my love and compassion to weep and grieve beside them.

With all my being I wish that I could somehow minimize their pain and suffering.  Yet, I know this is impossible.  Such a grief can only be supernaturally eased by God and time, in ways completely unique to each person’s needs

As I hurt and cry tears alongside these parents and their family and friends, I plead with God to bring them all abounding comfort and unexpected blessings

“Pain demands to be felt.”
--Fault in Our Stars by John Green

© MaryAnn Broussard

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