Sunday, March 2, 2008

God Speaking

I am so excited and filled with such inexpressible thankfulness every time one of my children’s dreams comes true. When God comes along their side and gives them a grand blessing and grants them a desire of their heart I cannot express with words the joy that fills my heart! My tears of joy do my speaking for me.

For example, my husband took my daughter to a Christian concert tonight so that she could have the pleasure of getting to listen to Mandisa sing in person. Not only did God allow my little girl to be there for Mandisa’s singing but He also allowed her the opportunity to take a picture with Mandisa and also have her autograph the CD that we own. My daughter’s joy is my joy and even more so. The same is true as God works through the lives of my boys. I stand by and watch God do HIS thing in each of my children’s lives, making opportunities for each one of them and leading them, step by step. Each one of their God-given dreams come true and each accomplishment in their God-ordained paths are also dreams come true for me!

I thank Him that the children He has allowed me the privilege of caring for are in HIS most capable hands. I am BLESSED beyond measure as I watch Him work in their hearts and in their lives.

So in praise for this joy and how He assures me that HE IS in control of each one of our lives and having HIS perfect will and ways with each one of us, I also post the song below. I believe God is ALWAYS speaking (even in His occasional “silence”), we just need pause and attentively listen. He will speak to us in whatever ways it takes for us to hear Him.

Have you ever heard a love song
That set your spirit free
Have you ever watched a sunrise
And felt you could not breathe
What if it's Him
What if it's God speaking
Have you ever cried a tear that
You could not explain
Have you ever met a stranger
That already knew your name
What if it's Him
What if it's God speaking

Who knows how He'll get a hold of us
Get our attention to prove He is enough
He'll do and He'll use
Whatever He wants to
To tell us I love you

Have you ever lost a loved one
Who you thought should still be here
Do you know what it feels like
To be tangled up in fear
What if He's somehow involved
What if He's speaking through it all

His ways are higher
His ways are better
Though sometimes strange
What could be stranger
Than God in a manger

God is speaking
I love you

(“God Speaking” sung by Mandisa)

In absolute gratitude and love to YHWH for His presence over us and His will done in our lives…

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