Friday, March 7, 2008

He Is Always With Me

He is always there, right beside me.

God is speaking, and fortunately, I am hearing very clearly. He has been giving me reassurances over and over again this week. I asked Him for that reassurance, and He has lovingly answered the request in miraculous ways.

For the past two mornings I have awakened singing the song, “I Am Not Alone”, in my mind. I posted the words to this song in this blog a few days ago. This is God’s theme and word for me this week.

This morning I picked up the book Mother Teresa, Come Be My Light. It is a book written about Mother Teresa from her own private writings. I had just picked it up from the library yesterday and hadn’t really begun to read anything yet beyond the first page of the editor’s introduction. But this morning I flipped through the pages from back to front, as I often do with books, just scanning the pages. And what page did I flip backwards onto that spoke to me?!

Chapter 1’s title: “Put Your Hand in His Hand and Walk Alone With Him

The first sentence of that chapter reads, “Put your hand in His [Jesus’] hand, and walk alone with Him. Walk ahead, because if you look back you will go back.

Those were words that Mother Teresa’s own mother spoke to her when she was only 18 years old. God spoke them to me today. The words “JUMPED” out of the page and onto me.

God will speak to all of us in whatever ways He knows we need most. Praises to HIM!

For His glory…

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