Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Am Never Alone

You're here in my heart
You're the Light
That Guides Me Through The Dark

You walk beside me
The night seems cold
Each time that I fall
Your arms are there to hold

You walk right beside me
Giving strength I've never known
And I am not alone
You walk beside me

You are here in my mind
I talk to You and all my fears unwind
I know I’m loved for who I am
You make me want to be the best that I can
And you walk beside me
Giving strength I’ve never known

I am not alone

You walk beside me
I am not alone
Wherever the road leads

And I rely on your patience
When I face the unknown
And because of You, I am...
I am not alone!

You’re always beside me, yeah, I am not alone
In the sun, in the rain
Through the good times and in the pain
You’re always beside me
I reach out for Your hand
I know that you understand

I am not alone!

(“I Am Not Alone by Natalie Grant)

Never alone…

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