Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brief Quotes - the Bible is not God

I believe that while the Bible gives us some revelations about God and God's dealings with some of mankind, it does not fully define God or all His doings or plans. We must remain mindful of the fact that the Bible is not God.

God is God.

The Bible is a vessel and a tool, but it does not define God in His wholeness.
Language is an ever changing thing and language is powerful. Language can also be manipulated. The Bible was not written in any current language or within the context of present day cultures. I find it is of utmost importance to consider not only the language factors but also the cultural and historical aspects.

I’m not bashing the Bible or suggesting we throw it out. I still treasure, read, and study my various Bible translations.  I'm questioning, seeking further, and trying to point out that it is not all as it seems to our contemporary thoughts and eyes. I am sick of the Bible being used to bash people, threaten them, or to make one type or select group of people seem more elite while diminishing others.

Sometimes the Bible appears to be worshiped even more than God Himself!  It is common to hear teachings and beliefs which suggest that God cannot be or do beyond what is revealed in the BibleToo often people bind the character of God by what is said between the covers of the BibleIt is as if they are convinced that the character, plans, and work of God are limited by the written document.

The Bible does not reveal all there is to know about the nature of God or His work anymore than my journals make known everything about who I have been and done in the past, who I am today and what I do every day, or who I will be in the future and all I will do then. 

There IS more to God than what is revealed to us in the Bible.  Let us not confine God within the covers of the Bible or any other sacred writings.

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