Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Walking Away from Organized Religion Leads Me to Freedom

In Mick Mooney’s article titled “A Greater Peace within all You Don’t Know”, he says:

"The further away you travel from religion and the know-it-all mindset you inherit with it, the more freedom you find in asking questions about your faith. You no longer feel obligated to pledge undivided allegiance to your doctrines. You become pleased to put them on trial, to examine then, and to discard them if they are found to be without substance."
A resounding YES for those thoughts!!  At the present time, I am experiencing another level of this phenomenon. 

I am asking harder questions. 
I am reexamining and rethinking my beliefs and why I hold them. 
I am shouting a loud “Hooray!” for being free from the pressing weight of pledging any allegiance to the doctrines of organized religion!  

There is marvelous freedom in walking away from religion and its inescapable delusion that any particular belief system has God all figured out and has all the answers about Him or humanity. 

I am at peace not having all the answers.
My allegiance is to God, love, and grace.

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