Thursday, July 10, 2014

Freedom is a Circular Thing

I've really got freedom on my mind.  Perhaps, it is because as I continue my journey of discovering God each day, I'm finding greater and greater freedom.  

Freedom from religion.
Freedom from indoctrination.
Freedom from religious traditions.
Freedom from an us vs. them mentality.
Freedom from being judge and jury over others.
Freedom from pat answers.
Freedom from law.
Freedom from guilt and shame.
Freedom from conformity.

Freedom to simply be me and enjoy my own journey.
Freedom to ask questions, lots of questions.
Freedom to know God according to what He reveals to me.
Freedom to trust God to reveal Himself to others in whatever ways He deems best.
Freedom to listen to and respect the ideas and beliefs of others.
Freedom to not force my ideas and beliefs upon others.
Freedom to accept and love everyone, regardless of what they believe.
Freedom to admit "I don't know" and "I don't have the all the answers".
Freedom to let others travel their own faith journey without condemning it.

Freedom is...well...SO FREEING!  And it makes me feel so light.  

Oh freedom, it is such a beautiful thing! 

If in our proclamation to live in freedom we intend to suppress someone else's, then we do not speak of freedom at all.  
Freedom is a circular thing.

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