Tuesday, July 8, 2014

God is Like the Vast Ocean...

God is like the vast ocean:  powerful, refreshing, amazing. 

God’s depths are beyond the scope of complete human comprehension. 

The treasures contained within God are absolutely beautiful and also beyond our greatest imagination. 

As we timidly approach and wade by the ocean’s edge and splash around enjoying its coolness, in the same manner we can draw near to God and get to know a little bit about God. 

Yet, as there is so much more to the majestic ocean, there is also so much more to discovering God. 

When we dare to leave the water’s edge and swim out further, we are surprised by other discoveries. Adventurous people who take it further and pursue exploring the inner depths of the ocean have the privilege of seeing even greater astonishing sights. So it is with God. 

No matter where we find ourselves each day—splashing around by the water’s edge, swimming and treading the waters further out, or diving down deep into the depths—God’s waves carry us through life’s journey.

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