Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thoughts - Can You Wake Up Any More?

Once you wake up, can you wake up any more?

I have come to realize that we can continue to wake up to life.  There is so much to awaken to and become aware of beyond what we already know—not only within ourselves but also outside of ourselves. 

Awakening more challenges the status quo and what has become comfortable to us in our current state of awareness.  It propels us to learn new things and adjust to new surroundings.  It is not for those who prefer to remain comfortable and undisturbed.  
Some people would rather not wake up more, and that is okay for them.  But others (like me), passionately long for it and for becoming increasingly aware of God, the world, self, and others.  We wrestle with our present state of being and with opening our eyes to see.  

Waking up more will initially make us uncomfortable and test what we had been so certain of before.  It requires extra courage, earnest reexamination, and change in our behavior.  Therefore, if we believe we are awakening more but do not find ourselves permeated with a higher love, it is safe to say we may only be dreaming.

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