Friday, February 19, 2010

Today's Update Regarding David Hames

I’m a little behind in getting a new update posted regarding David Hames. The news is indeed very sad. On February 8th, we received word that David’s remains had finally been recovered from the Hotel Montana and that they had been put into U.S. custody for forensic examination and verification. All the examinations and verifications have now taken place.

Today, I saw an update regarding the future of David’s children’s series, Cranium’s Ark. The first episode is still available for purchase, and there is talk of friends helping his wife finish the second episode.

There will be a benefit concert taking place next week at the church of the Hames family. Please keep his wife, his two little boys, and all the rest of his family and friends in your prayers. Ask for God’s comfort, peace, covering, provision, and healing. Thank you so much.


Today, is February 25th, but I want to add a couple of things to this update on David Hames.

First of all, a close friend of David and his family posted a loving remembrance post on her blog about David. You can enjoy reading it at her blog site under "Reminders of David".

Today, there is also an article on the Gazette about David's wife trying to adjust to life without David. You can read that at the Gazette's website under "Hames Widow Adjusting to Life Without David".

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