Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Heart's Cry This Week

Over the past weeks, daily life has seemed to just completely consume me. Just managing through each day and all that I am responsible for doing has taken all my time and almost all my strength. Add on top of all my daily responsibilities trying to figure out how to best handle my health issues in the more natural ways I prefer, and it has been downright overwhelming. This week, all of a sudden, I realized with frustration, “Where have my intimate times with my Lord gone?” The spirit within me is crying out to be filled by spiritual things; I feel extremely parched and dying of thirst for things of God. It is so easy to become consumed with earthly life. I’m not suggesting that we cannot find, see, or experience God in mundane, everyday life; we absolutely can. But it is too easy to let daily life become more powerful in our mind, body, and soul than the spiritual things that God is offering.

As I listened to this song a few days ago, it became my heart’s cry to the Lord for the week. I cry out to Him to reawaken me so that the spiritual things from Him, once again, become more powerful and of greater force in my life than my earthly circumstances. If I am exhausted and overwhelmed I want it to be due to the spiritual not due to the earthly.

Right along with that song, I also offered up my thanks to Him for giving me another day. I thank Him for another day of breath and life, for the privilege to be a mom and a wife, for the ability to take care of my home and family and to enjoy being together with them.

Crying out to Him for renewal and refreshing waters…

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