Thursday, January 28, 2016

Celebrating Daily Steps to Success

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” 
–Jim Rohn

Since writing my last post, I’ve taken a few disciplined steps every day.  These steps have not been taken by random luck or chance.  They have required a deliberate effort on my part.

Sunday night before going to sleep I told myself that in the coming week I would be more intentional with my daily activities and with taking steps toward my desired goals.  I had had enough of letting the hours in my days slip through my fingers like sand, going to bed saying to myself: “I know I was really “busy” today doing stuff.  But, what steps did I take toward reaching my current life goals and dreams?”

I woke up Monday morning, sleepily sat up in my bed, and then flopped myself back down on the pillow feeling the all too familiar surges of doubt, fear, and hesitancy.  The same, old self-sabotaging questions and thoughts swirled through my head: 

“What was I thinking last night?  I’ve been dreaming too big!”
“Am I really supposed to pursue writing more seriously?” 
“How can I fulfill these goals and dreams of mine which I have carried within me for so long?” 
“Maybe I should dump them by the roadside and forget them once and for all?”
“How can I fit the tasks required for accomplishing these goals into my daily life?”
“Where do I begin?  It feels so overwhelming, and I don’t know how to go about it successfully.”

As I wrestled with doubts, I focused my sleepy eyes toward the bookshelves in my bedroom wondering what book I could reach for to give me some guidance and a jump start.  My eyes fell on a little black book I’ve had for over a year called The Motivation Manifesto written by Brendon Burchard.  I had ordered a copy of that book over a year ago. The book included a link to an accompanying free online course which was taught by the author.  Since all last year was taken over by us having to sell our house and move to a new city, I had set the book and course aside.  But this past Monday morning, I picked up the book and began glancing through it and listening to the online course as I went about my day.  It’s a luxury for me to sit down and read a book; therefore, I found it way easier to listen to the audio course while doing tasks around our home or driving in the car running errands or going to the gym.   

Since Monday, I’ve spent each day this week taking disciplined steps toward my goals:

--Receiving motivation and focus by listening to Brendon Burchard’s teaching

--Finding books in my Kindle library which teach how to successfully write and publish on Kindle.

--Checking out how I can make use of the current $10 sale going on at the Udemy online academy and finding a course about how to write and publish books. 

--Revisiting my mind map for the idea I had a few months ago on writing a children’s book.

--Taking advantage for the next four days of Brendon Burchard’s current live streaming of his "Thought Leader Roadmap" course on how to develop a business doing what makes you feel alive.

--Writing a blog post for the second time in one week!  (Huge accomplishment!)

--Spending less time doing what’s not truly important or effective in reaching my goals:  less time at night watching TV, less time on Facebook, less time chasing “squirrels”, etc.

The past few days have been most productive days, and I am thrilled about my progress!  I have gone to the gym, listened to online teaching, learned, read, worked on the children’s story mind map, AND also done laundry, cooked meals, and trimmed our dogs’ nails.  I have taken charge of my days instead of going about them without vision and focus for the direction I’m headed.

I don’t have complete clarity yet in narrowing down my focus between the subjects I’m passionate about.  What deserves celebration at this very moment is that I am taking steps with direction and in a way which can apply to any of my passions.  I will figure it out as I walk!  It will get clearer as I continue to purposefully WALK, LEARN and ACT.  Celebrating every single victory along the way fuels our perseverance to keep on going.
You too can do what you long to do!!

It’s simply about taking ONE step AT A TIME, putting one foot in front of the other.  It doesn’t matter if it’s at a slow turtle’s pace.  One step at a time takes us in a direction while we keep our sights focused toward our destination.  We cannot continue passively sitting like bumps on a log sabotaging ourselves with excuses, playing self-defeating records in our heads. Rise up and take one small disciplined step.  And then another.  And another. Each step will build more and more momentum.  Before we know it, we have reached our goal and are actually doing the very things that before we only daydreamed of doing.

"Celebrating every single victory along the way
fuels our perseverance to keep on going."

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