Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DAILY TRUTH – God’s Grace is Unmerited

“…if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works, otherwise grace is no longer grace.”  (Romans 11:6)

God’s grace cannot be true grace if we must do *anything* to receive it.  God’s grace is unmerited—meaning there is *nothing* we can do to have God extend it to us.  He pours His grace over us simply out of His character of unfailing and boundless love.  God’s grace is all about His doing and our receiving... 

Many talk about grace and what a wonderful thing it is from God, but in their next breath, they rob grace of its immense value by saying that a person must do something or act a certain way in order to receive that grace.  This is a lie.  That lie says we must earn God’s grace.  If we must do anything or act in any certain way in order for God to pour His grace over us, then we are not talking about grace at all. 

The truth is that God’s grace has nothing to do with how lovable or unlovable we are or whether we deserve it or not.  As God daily fulfills His perfect plan for each of our lives and for this entire world, He pours His daily grace as He deems best.  It may be upon the prostitute walking the street corner at this very moment, or it may be upon the homeless man or woman sitting under the bridge.  It may be poured upon the person who does not believe God exists, or the person who is always at the church when the doors are open. 

The ultimate grace of God has been poured upon everyone and the whole world through His Son, Jesus Christ.   We can rest assured that God’s grace is not dependent upon us—only upon Him and what He does.  You may not realize God is pouring His grace over you, but that does not mean He is not doing it.  Your realization does not affect the truth of grace.

Enjoy God’s grace today.

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