Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Miraculous Change of Heart

I have been so joyfully excited to see Abby Johnson speak out boldly regarding the truth of abortion. Abby Johnson was the former director of a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Texas. Last year, Abby was assisting in an abortion procedure when God suddenly opened her eyes to see the reality of what was truly taking place.

Here is a video from YouTube where Abby is speaking to a group of people telling her story. This video is part 1 out of 4.

Oh, it is grieving to hear from her own lips that Planned Parenthood does not care about women and reducing repeat abortions or about women taking their birth control properly—that what they really care about is the $$$ bottom line and $$$ profits.

Since the moment that her eyes were opened, Abby has walked out of her job and association with Planned Parenthood, is now speaking to the public about what abortion really is, and reaching out to educate and help those facing unplanned pregnancies. It is an amazing story.

You can listen to Abby’s story in a special audio program hosted by Life Issues Institute with Brad Mattes.

“A Change of Heart – One Woman’s Journey from Planned Parenthood to Pro-Life”

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