Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haiti and David Hames

In other matters, there is the devastating situation in Haiti. Plenty of news, stories, video, and audio clips can be found all over the internet. The earthquake disaster is grieving and heart wrenching to us.

As I find myself here safe and sound in my comfortable United States life, in my comfortable home far from Haiti, I feel helpless in my ability to reach out to touch and help so many that are hurting and needing so much. If I could, I would take a plane out there with tons of supplies and love and work to help and reach the hurting and needy.

Right now, my husband and I and many others in our city anxiously await news regarding the search and rescue of a friend, David Hames.

David was in Haiti along with Dan Woolley working on a filming project for Compassion International. They were standing in the lobby of the Hotel Montana when the earthquake happened. Dan was found and rescued after 60 hours in an elevator shaft, and the search for David still goes on almost two weeks after the earthquake. There are teams currently peeling off layers of walls, roof, etc. and getting underneath the rubble to explore the hotel lobby area where they hope to find David. We hang on to all the daily Facebook updates that happen periodically throughout the day. David has a wife and two little boys waiting for him here. His wife stands strong and firm in her faith, hope, and trust in God.

God Almighty, would you please hold them close to you, let them feel your presence over them, and please comfort, comfort, comfort with your graceful peace that passes all our human understanding.

One of David’s relatives created a precious and touching YouTube video about David.

David Hames is the creator of the amazing Cranium’s Ark children’s series. Go to the Cranium’s Ark website to find out more. You can also go to YouTube and search Cranium’s Ark for a bunch of sample videos. Here is a clip of David and his family as he gets the series out this past July 2009.

Lord, our hearts ache to receive word that David has been found. Please be the Wisdom, the Guide, the Eyes, and the Ears of those searching for David and for others at the Hotel Montana. Lord, have Your perfect way and will with David and his family.

Lord, cover Haiti with Yourself. Be The Hope for the people there. Let them know You love them so very much and have not forsaken them. And touch our hearts with their pain.

I encourage everyone to find some way, there is no way too small or insignificant, to reach out and help the people in Haiti.

There is an online petition at the Petition2Congress website that you can sign encouraging Congress to continue the search and rescue efforts in Haiti and not give up searching for survivors.

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