Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spiritual Reality

I have wanted to post about various different things that have been on my mind or that I've learned as I walk daily with the Lord. However, things in our home and family life have been taking up all my energy and time. I can only wait until God creates an ordained moment of time when I can once again sit down, write some things, and be able to post.

I am currently reading an excellent book about real, live-action Christ-like love and community living. It is called The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne. I've mentioned Shane Claiborne before on a previous post and The Simple Way community that he began and is a part of. I will be writing a bit of a review based on my favorite quotes in the book sometime in the near future.

In the meantime, I was just reading a little snippet in a Watchman Nee book this morning, Spiritual Reality or Obsession, and something he said really stuck out of the pages:

"One thing which God's people should take note of is that every spiritual matter has its reality before God. If what we have touched is mere appearance and not reality, we shall find that it is of no spiritual value whatsoever. What, then, is spiritual reality? The reality of a spiritual thing is something spiritual, not material. Although spiritual reality is often expressed in words, those words, however many, are not the reality..." (pg. 5-6)

"Do you realize, brothers and sisters, that no one can ever perceive spiritual things with his eyes fixed on the material, that no one can ever think through to the spiritual with his brain? All spiritual matters have their realities. He who has touched reality questions no more." (pg. 8)

Trusting in YHWH...

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