Sunday, April 6, 2008

Proud Sponsors

Well, we have two new additions to our family. Today, we began to sponsor two children; a boy from Uganda and a girl from the Philippines.

This past week the organization, Compassion International, popped into my mind more than once; I wasn’t sure why until today. Then this morning I was dreaming that I had a baby boy and was changing his diaper but that I couldn’t remember his name and had to look it up in the baby book.

This morning we also “happened” to go to a church service at the church where two of our children belong to the youth group. One of my boys had just gone on a mission trip to Missouri with the group and they were going to share pictures and stories about the trip. So we went all together as a family for this event. At this morning’s service at that church, “it just happened to be” that they were encouraging the congregation to sponsor a child through the Compassion International organization.

I realized that after various years of knowing about Compassion and their ministry to children in various countries of the world, it was now the time for us to reach out and adopt one of these children and to help care for them. Not wanting to be partial to a girl or to a boy, I decided that we should sponsor one of each and make it even.

Meet Alethea, our “adopted” four year old little girl. I picked her to be our girl because her name means “truth” in the Greek language. In her home, Alethea helps by running errands. She lives with her grandfather and her grandmother. Her grandfather is not employed and her grandmother is sometimes employed as a laborer. Alethea is not presently attending school. Playing house and playing with dolls are her favorite activities. She also attends church activities regularly.

Meet Taremwa, our “adopted” seven year old little boy. I picked him to be our boy because he has been waiting over six months for a sponsor family and lives in an AIDS infected area. Taremwa lives with his mother. He is responsible for carrying water, caring for children and running errands. His mother is sometimes employed as a laborer. There are 2 children in the family. As part of Compassion's ministry, Taremwa participates in church activities. He is also in kindergarten where his performance is average. Soccer, playing with cars, and singing are his favorite activities.

We have been given much, blessed much, and been very faithfully taken care of by our Lord. I felt He was calling us now to give abundantly to others in the same way He has given to us. There are SO many needy people in this world. Oftentimes I feel like I am helpless to really make an impact or change. What I would REALLY love to do is to travel to some of the places like where little Alethea and Taremwa live and just LOVE and HUG on the people there…I long to love them like Jesus. This is a start.


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