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Abortion News of February 2013

To many people, abortion news is like “old news”.  Even this post may not interest you, and you’ll decide to not give it your time of day.  Regrettably, our general public has become dulled and numb to the realities of abortion in our country.  Abortion has been legal for four decades, and it’s a subject of heated debate that seems to have no end in sight.  Does that mean we should stop caring and verbalizing the truth and close our ears, mouths, and eyes to it? 

Some people in our nation cry out and mourn over the death of a newborn baby or of the violent shooting of elementary school aged children, boycott and call out against the injustices of innocently slain animals or endangered species, and battle against the decimation of the rain forest all the while ignoring the daily ongoing murder of unborn babies and the adverse effects upon the women who are their mothers. 
Some people argue and fight to no end for their personal rights to life, liberty, and justice while just as fervently professing they have the right to end the life of another human being simply because that human being is in the womb. 

Some people demand that a woman has a right to do whatever she wants with her body while neglecting the very fact that a baby in the womb is not a part of a woman’s body but a separate human being with its own body and functions who is merely residing within her body as he/she develops. 

Some people are convinced that a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy must have the option of ending the life of her unborn child because otherwise she will be trapped in a “bad situation” while totally disregarding the actuality that having an abortion has a high likelihood of placing a woman in bondage to a lifelong struggle with painful regret, memories, and/or shame. 

The promoters and supporters of abortion and the money hungry organizations such as Planned Parenthood have spun such an immense and intricate web of lies and deceptive medical jargon that even some who claim to be against abortion are not fully aware of the realities of abortion today.

I am often shocked to have people tell me that they are not aware that late term abortions are performed in this country and may be performed until the moment before a woman goes into natural labor.  When I share this fact, they ask me to prove it, as if I were lying to them and trying to purposely deceive.  I think they should be more concerned that those promoting abortion are trying to deceive.  After all, many of them have much to gain by it.  I have absolutely no reasons to deceive.   I have absolutely nothing to gain.  

Some people might believe me about late term abortions but express that surely those late term abortions are only performed as a last resort to save the mother’s life.  Yet, this is simply not true!  Late term abortions are more routinely done in this country out of pure convenience or because the woman is being coerced by significant people in her life.  Abortions needing to be performed to save a mother’s life are an insignificant amount compared to ones performed for other reasons.  Most of the time, in this day and age of advanced medicine, both mother and child can be saved under life threatening conditions.

Here is just a little sampling of this month’s abortion news:

In Maryland, a 29 year old married, kindergarten teacher died of complications arising from the abortion she was undergoing at 33 weeks.  33 weeks!  Women who are 33 weeks pregnant do not go around saying, “Oh wow, I’m so excited!  I have this fetus growing in my uterus and when I give birth it will suddenly turn into a cute and loveable human baby.”   No, the majority of women 33 weeks pregnant go around proclaiming she’s going to have a baby and is preparing her home to receive this baby.  At 33 weeks, Jennifer Morbelli could have delivered her baby early, and it would have most likely survived with a little medical assistance.  Was she aborting because her life was in danger?  No.  She had decided to abort her baby girl, whom she had named Madison Leigh, because the doctors had told her there was something wrong with the baby.  I have read plenty of stories in the past of doctors saying there is something wrong with a baby in the womb and that baby being born perfectly fine.  Even if there had been something wrong with her baby, that was not a justifiable reason to have her killed.  This world is made up of imperfect people—we are all imperfect. Who are we to play god with lives of innocent and helpless human beings because they don’t meet our personal ideals of perfection? 

Because Jennifer died, she and her baby girl, Madison Leigh, received a proper church service and burial.  However, if little Madison had been successfully aborted without her mother dying, it is likely she would not have received such a service or burial but instead would have been disposed of as medical waste.  This is insanity!  Hearts have grown calloused and hard against the truth of abortion.  Through the convincing lies and promotions of self-serving individuals and organizations, we have been desensitized and made to forget or ignore the value of life.  The truth is that abortion ends the life of human beings—whether that happens 6 weeks, 20 weeks, or 32 weeks after conception. 

What is additionally disturbing in the Jennifer Morbelli tragedy are the other aspects regarding the abortionist, LeRoy Carhart, the clinic where he performs his abortions being under investigation for illegal dumping of waste, the paperwork the clinic routinely gives to the women undergoing abortions, and the ridiculous emergency procedure instructions routinely given to women.  When Jennifer Morbelli began having problems during her late term abortion procedure, her family delayed taking her to a hospital emergency room because they were trying to reach Carhart and his staff and were unable to.  They were simply following the specific instructions they were given.  Abortionists do not want women going straight to the hospital because it would become more known to the general public that complications due to abortion arise more often than usually reported.  By the time Jennifer’s family took her to the hospital, it was too late to save her life.  That is the reality of abortion.

In speaking of Jennifer Morbelli or her family and of their experience, I want to make it clear that I make no judgments or condemnations upon them and will not condone anyone else doing so in a comment to this post.  I condemn the act, the acceptance, and the legality of abortion in our society.  I will not stand silently by while it is applauded or promoted as a necessary woman’s right and choice or as something that is good for women and should remain legal.  I have absolutely no desire or intention to attack people.  My goal is to speak out against the evil of abortion amidst our society and expose it for what it is and for what it does.

In other news, a woman in Colorado has filed a lawsuit against a Planned Parenthood stating that the doctor went forward with the abortion even after she protested and changed her mind because she had not received an anesthetic.  The doctor pushed ahead with the abortion and botched it up by leaving parts of the baby inside the woman.  Consequently, the woman became seriously ill with infection and required emergency care at a hospital. 

“New Lawsuit:  Planned Parenthood forced, botched abortion” 

In Delaware, a woman was taken out of a Planned Parenthood facility by ambulance.  People involved in the 40 Days for Life campaign standing outside of the facility captured a video of the ambulance coming to pick up the woman.

These types of things really do happen more often than the public thinks or knows.  Abortion clinics do not want “bad” publicity.  When a woman needs emergency medical care and ambulance service, the clinics ask the ambulance drivers to be sure to come around the back of the building.  This is not because they are truly concerned for that woman’s safety or privacy.  Simply, it is because that type of scene turns off prospective clients and is bad for $$$ business.

Live Action  (Lila Rose) does a lot of undercover investigations and videos exposing the deceptions of Planned Parenthood.  A few months ago, Live Action posted a video of how Planned Parenthood regularly tries to hide the truth of abortion injuries. 

This small sampling of news I’ve shared today speaks of only a few incidents (among many others) of physical injuries to women from abortion procedures.  Last month, I also read the news of a young woman who died as a result of her abortion.  Her mother wanted so much to share the truth of abortion with the world that she gave permission for the pictures of her dead daughter and her dead grandbaby to be posted on the internet.  That is the reality of abortion.

Beyond all the news of physical injury and complications, the emotional and mental injury that abortion brings women is much more prevalent.  While the emotional and mental trauma is truly more widespread than physical injury, it is disconcertingly silent.  While abortion is legal and routinely done, it is still an act that is not broadcasted by women.  Women do not typically go around talking about their abortion experience like they talk about other routine and legal things they have done or do in their lives.  If abortion is so great, why is it mostly kept a secret?  If it is such a fantastic right and so helpful, why is it hidden in silence, deep down in the heart and soul of women.  Sure, there are a few women who might brag about their abortions and say it was the best thing they could have done, but those women are in the minority.  In the majority are the women who face ongoing sadness, regret, shame, loss, and a host of other emotional or mental effects resulting from their past abortion(s).  The general public doesn’t know about the majority of those women.  Those women are your friends, your co-workers, grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and daughters.  Without a doubt, you know more post-abortive women than you are aware of.  You know them, but you do not know about their abortion experience. They don’t want you to know about their past abortion(s), to talk about it, or to share the truth with the world (or with their closest friends) because the memory carries too much pain and too much shame.   

Earlier this month, CNN decided to post a question on the internet to the general populace of women asking if they had an abortion experience and inviting them to share how they felt about the experience. 

The report link was created on February 6, 2013 and the entries had to be submitted by February 15, 2013—only nine days later.  In nine days, 539 reports were filed by women.  As I have scrolled through these reports, it is obvious by their titles alone that a huge majority of women regret their abortion(s).  539 women were able to speak up and share with the world how they felt about their abortion.  And yet, there were countless others who could not do so.  Countless women could not bring themselves to sit at their computer and share their painful past because it hurts too much to think about their abortion experience, and it brings a host of emotions that they would rather not allow to come to the surface.  That is the reality of abortion.

The insidious lie that abortion is for women and to help women is just that: a lie!  Abortion is not for women.  Abortion is against women.  Contrary to the absurd references of a late term abortion website, abortions are not “therapeutic”.  Tying that term in with abortion, the killing of a human being, literally disgusts me!  The majority of women who have had abortions are more likely to need therapy or post-abortive counseling in the future to help them deal with the emotional pain of their past abortion(s).

To help women facing unplanned pregnancies by offering support and practical, real-life assistance, that is to be for women. 

To reach out a helping hand and connect a woman to other people and organizations who can help her in ways you can’t, that is to be for women. 

To offer her other more practical and positive solutions besides killing her unborn child, that is to be for women. 

If you truly care for women and want to help them, I highly recommend volunteering at a local crisis pregnancy center or donating to one. 

If you truly care for women, do not forget that the majority of post-abortive women carry with them lifelong, shame-filled, and painful emotional scars. 

If you truly care for women, you will not behave as their judge and jury and condemn them for their past or present, call them names, or suggest they deserve death themselves. 

If you truly care for women, you will lovingly help them in their time of need—pre-abortion or post-abortion.

Ending this post on a bit more uplifting news, the Arkansas senate voted on whether to ban abortions after 20 weeks on the account of fetal pain based on “substantial medical evidence” that babies feel pain in the womb.  I offer a round of applause for Arkansas and the handful of other states that have preceded them in this type of legislation.

"Arkansas Senate Votes to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks"

Some days, I feel like this evil giant of abortion cannot be defeated.  I've had this post written for days and toyed with the idea of not posting it at all.  Even I question my own efforts against this evil giant and wonder what difference can I make?  And yet, when I look back at histories of those who have been deceived, mistreated, and oppressed in monstrous ways, I see repeated instances where one person did make a difference in their lives.  Even if in reaching out or speaking out, we seemingly only help one woman or one baby, we have made a difference that will not only last a lifetime but also generations to come.  In helping that one woman and her child, you have affected more people than you will ever know.  Each step along the way, no matter how big or how small, not only gets us to our destination but also leaves a trail for those who want to follow in our footsteps.

I’m standing and speaking out to help women and their babies. 
Will you stand with me?

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