Monday, February 16, 2009

Update on Shuang Shuying

I received the following email today from China Aid:


Your actions made a difference for
Shuang Shuying and Zhang Jian!

Shuang Shuying Released!

"Every time when my son came to visit me and shared with me that brothers and sisters from all over the world had been praying for me, I felt greatly strengthened and empowered which has enabled me to continue to live."

Shuang Shuying was released from prison on February 8 where she was held for two years on fabricated charges. She went immediately to the hospital to see her husband, Hua Zaichen, 91, who was dying. Though he did not regain consciousness, Shuang Shuying sat at his bedside holding his hand. The following day, Shuang Shuying’s husband passed away. Within the first hours after her release, she wrote a letter thanking all those around the world who prayed, spoke out for and supported her and her husband during this time of great trial.


You can read Shuang Shuying’s letter of thanks on the China Aid website  


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