Tuesday, November 11, 2008

He Came and Filled My Heart

Today, as I heard this song again, a flood of memories came back to my mind when I sang (cried out in anguish!) this song to the Lord. A few years ago I went through one of the most difficult emotional and spiritual seasons of my life. There was so much sorrow within my heart and so many fears and insecurities that God still needed to conquer. I was desperate to be free from the self-condemnation of my failures and the great fears of Rejection and Man. I cried out this song to my Lord begging Him to do a mighty and miraculous work within me! I wanted to be empty of my own self and completely filled with Him instead. I was sick and tired of the fears that haunted me, paralyzed me, and influenced me to think and do things that I no longer wanted to think and do. I had no strength of my own because I was so weakened by the difficult circumstances that had broken my heart into a million pieces. I cried this song in His ears over and over and over again; until I couldn’t sing anymore and would become hoarse.

Today, I can rejoice after letting those memories flood through my mind for He has been doing that mighty and miraculous work in me that I begged for. He planned it all along, and I am more than grateful. In the last year I have been freed from the Fear of Man and the Fear of Rejection. He has given me a freedom that I have never had or known before. It was a tough process, but with Him we are always victorious! Glory, glory, glory unto Him!!!! By no means, is all the work to be done with me completed, but He has already done a great work indeed. I stand in awe, as always!


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