Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Some Statements and Quotes…

Recently I’ve been led to read another worthwhile book, The End of Religion, by Bruxy Cavey. I haven’t gotten very far into the book, but already there are various things he says which I really like and wholeheartedly agree with.

On page 40, Cavey makes the following statement:

Sometimes people who know I am a Christ-follower ask me if I think all religions lead to God. I suppose they are waiting to see if I argue that only the Christian religion is the way to God or if I will give the open-minded answer that all religions lead to God. Instead I choose a third alternative. I tell them that I do not believe all religions lead to God because no religion leads to God. Religion does not lead people to God any more than cups quench your thirst.

Amen, Cavey!! CHRIST, not the religion of Christianity, IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE of and to God.

He has some other quotes at the beginning of his chapters that I also thought worth mentioning which are great food for thought:

Act just once in such a manner that your action expresses that you fear God alone and man not at all--you will immediately in some measure cause a scandal." (Soren Kierkegaard)

"I often wonder if religion is the enemy of God. It's almost like religion is what happens when the Spirit has left the building." (Bono)
"The revelation of God is the abolition of religion." (Karl Barth)

(I can thoroughly relate with Kierkegaard’s statement from first-hand experience! Yikes!)

Check the book out for yourself and see what you think…

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  1. I like what Bono said about religion being what is left when Spirit has left the building. Love it!



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